Specialized Coatings, its customers, vendors and interested regulatory agencies shall at all times have the right of entry to verify the quality of work, records and materials related to this purchase order. 

Specialized Coatings encourages suppliers to develop quality systems that provide for continuous improvement. Suppliers are strongly encouraged to pursue certifications or compliance with AS9001 or equivalent quality management system. 

Specialized Coatings operates on a first in, first out purchase order rotation. We will do our best to accommodate customer due dates, some dates may not always be feasible. 

Vendor must notify Specialized Coatings of any nonconforming product, counterfeit parts or significant changes from prior submissions in processes or materials used.

Vendor are suggested to only use approved external suppliers.

Vendor must provide notification and receive written deviation from Specialized Coatings prior to shipment of any non-conforming material.

Vendor is required to flow down all requirements and conditions to any related sub-tier supplier.

Vendor is expected to adequately qualify its employees whom perform work on Specialized Coatings purchase orders in an effort to ensure meeting of all statutory regulations. 

Vendor shall provide test specimens for inspection/verification when required. 

If you have any questions please contact the name indicated on your purchase order.



Supplier must keep all data and records related to product conformance indefinitely due to the long lifespan of the commercial and military programs we support.



All buyers are subject to terms of Net 30, unless special arrangements are agreed upon in writing.

If Buyer does not pay on time, Seller may place Buyer on C.O.D., charge interest at a rate of 6% per month or maximum allowed under applicable law.